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Frequently asked questions for Students

What is eVALUate?

Watch a short presentation here on eVALUate:

If you have any questions, kindly contact the eVALUate Team.

How do I know the feedback I give is confidential?

Curtin fully assures you that your feedback is confidential and your responses will never be traced. Your responses in eVALUate are always reported in an aggregated format. With the Unit Survey, only the Unit Coordinator and the Head of School have access to all student comments. With the Teaching Survey, only the Teacher named on the survey has access to all the student comments.

Reports are only released to staff after students' marks are finalised (i.e. after the Board of Examiners meeting).

If there is only one student enrolled in a unit, no unit report is generated (this ensures your anonymity is protected). This student's feedback is reported at course level instead to ensure all students have a voice in this feedback process.

Students need to be aware that they could identify themselves (e.g. "I broke my leg and the lecturer refused to give me an extension on my assignment"). We therefore would ask you to carefully consider how you should give your feedback.

How can I see the results for my unit?

The publication of Unit Survey results has been automatic since 2009. You can view Unit Summary Reports (USRs) for the units you have studied unless they have been withdrawn from publication by the respective Unit Coordinators. To view these reports, go to your eVALUate Summary page. You can also search for any other USRs using the search tool.

I cannot log-in to OASIS.

To give feedback using eVALUate, you need to have an active OASIS account. Go to the OASIS log-in page and click on:

  1. "Activate your account" if you have never used OASIS before, or
  2. "Forgot your password?" if you are unable to log-in.If you are still unsuccessful with the above two options, you will need to click on "Contact us" under the OASIS log-in box and someone from the OASIS support team will help you resolve the issue.

Why do you close eVALUate so soon after exams? I want to give feedback after exams. Can you keep it open longer?

eVALUate is open for student feedback until about ten days after the end of exams. It's not possible to keep it open any longer as the teaching staff need the feedback in time to plan for the next time the unit runs and the system needs some time to compile and aggregate the feedback before it can be provided to staff.

If you missed the boat in giving feedback, you can always send written feedback to and ask for it to be forwarded anonymously to the teaching area. Please advise which unit the feedback is about if you do this. We will forward the feedback to the Head of the teaching area without letting them know who provided it.

I tried to give feedback but the operation timed out after a while.

There is a University-wide system time-out of 60 minutes. Students will need to be aware that typing their feedback in the eVALUate online survey itself does not send a signal to the system that their session is still active.

You are therefore advised to:

  1. Click on the "Save for later" button regularly to save your survey responses.This signals to the system that your OASIS session is still active, and also saves all your responses and comments. You will be able to continue from where you left off in the online survey.Once you have completed the survey, click on the "Submit" button.
  2. Draft your feedback/comments outside the system, using a program/application such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc. This draft serves as a backup and when it is time to submit the survey, you will be able to copy and paste the comments over to the textboxes provided in the online survey.This is also a good option for students who wish to capture their thoughts and feedback throughout the study period when their memories are still fresh.If you have been timed out of eVALUate we are terribly sorry but your responses have been lost - could you kindly try again as your feedback is valuable to Curtin.

I do not believe my feedback will ever be listened to.

Please be assured that student feedback is important to Curtin and that it is driving the change to improve student learning and teaching. Your feedback in eVALUate is available to each Unit Coordinator and the Head of School/Department so that both parties can see what needs to be improved. In addition, results are aggregated at the course, school/department and faculty levels to provide information to the University Executives. Since eVALUate began in 2005, students have been telling us they are increasingly satisfied with the quality of their teaching and learning experiences. To find out more from your Dean Teaching and Learning, see responding to student feedback.