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Curtin University

Teaching Survey

The eVALUate Teaching Survey asks students to report on aspects of teaching performance. It has 7 quantitative and 2 qualitative items. Each quantitative item has a brief explanatory for clarification. Students can hide the explanatory text online if they wish.

The items ask students to indicate their level of agreement. Students may indicate Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or Unable to Judge for each item. The survey appears as follows:

[The teacher's name appears here]:

  1. Appears knowledgeable in this subject area
    The teacher seems to have a good understanding of the subject.
  2. Is enthusiastic in teaching this unit
    The teacher makes the subject interesting and conveys his or her enthusiasm for the subject.
  3. Is well organised
    The teacher has material prepared on time, is punctual and structures activities in ways that help learning.
  4. Communicates clearly
    The teacher is easy to understand in face-to-face, online, written and other formats and explains concepts clearly.
  5. Is approachable
    The teacher encourages students to ask questions and seek help.
  6. Provides useful feedback
    The teacher provides timely and helpful feedback so you can learn.
  7. Is an effective teacher.
    Overall, this teacher helps you to learn.

In addition, students are invited to make constructive and professional comments (limit of 600 characters):

  1. Please comment on [the teacher]'s teaching strengths.
  2. Please comment on how you think [the teacher] might improve the teaching and learning in this unit.