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How eVALUate works to gather student feedback

Which units are included in eVALUate?

The eVALUate unit and teaching surveys are available online for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework units at all of Curtin's Australian and most offshore campuses including Curtin Dubai, Curtin Malaysia, Curtin Mauritius and Curtin Singapore. Currently, eVALUate gathers feedback for coursework units only.

How staff members initiate eVALUate surveys

The eVALUate Unit Survey is automatically included in each eVALUate event for student feedback on units: staff members do not have to nominate for a unit to be included. The eVALUate Teaching Survey however is not automatic: it must be requested online by a staff member. The eVALUate team announces when teaching surveys can be requested in the Curtin Weekly and via emails to staff.

See Dates for the dates when staff can request teaching evaluations and when eVALUate is open for student feedback.

How do students participate in eVALUate?

The eVALUate surveys are administered online through OASIS, the student portal. Students are notified by an Official Communications Channel (OCC) message sent from the eVALUate team. Each week non-responders are sent additional email messages, encouraging them to give feedback.

Students can give feedback for as many teachers as they choose within the one unit.

Although students must login to use the system, all student feedback is anonymous. Under no circumstances will a comment be tracked to identify any student.

When can students give their feedback?

eVALUate opens for student feedback towards the end of each main eVALUate study period at all the participating campuses. There are 7 eVALUate events:

See Dates for the six main and other eVALUate events and when each is opened for student feedback.