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Curtin University

Teaching Evaluation Report (TER)

The Teaching Evaluation Report is available after Boards of Examiners have met. This report is available when there is more than one student enrolled in the unit (for which the teaching evaluation was requested) and when there are at least two student responses for that teacher within that unit (this is to preserve student anonymity).

The TER includes the percentage Agreement (or otherwise) with the quantitative terms and all verbatim student responses to the qualitative items.

While it is expected that in the qualitative items, students should only comment on the teaching of the nominated teacher, a student could feasibly name and comment on a different teacher. In this case, the participating teacher (who is the only recipient of this report) is under obligation to treat comments about other staff as confidential. As students were not invited to comment on teachers other than the teacher named in the Teaching Survey, any comments about other teachers should not be passed on to anyone.

See an example of a Teaching Evaluation Report.