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Curtin University

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Response to student feedback from Semester 1 2019

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the eVALUate surveys for Semester 1, 2019. The Faculty sees the responses to the surveys as being an important part of the student voice. We use the results to help guide our teaching by gaining an understanding of what you see as of value in your learning and the teaching that inspires you and provides the feedback you require to succeed.

The Faculty is very pleased that the survey responses showed an improvement (or no change) across the Faculty in all questions except the question related to “I think about how I learn” when compared to the same study period in 2018. This follows similar trends for semester 2 units. As in semester 2 2018, we are very pleased that your view of the relevance of assessments continues to improve. There is clearly some work for the Faculty to do around ensuring that feedback is informing your learning appropriately. On that metric the Faculty has not improved in Semester 1, 2019 as we would have hoped.

The Faculty is working closely with the Guild to put measures in place to allow early responses to issues that may arise through your learning within units. This is in recognition that while eVALUate provides a useful snapshot, it occurs too late for adjustment to teaching practice (assessments, learning environment etc) to have any real-time impact. We are working with the Guild to establish both a Student Consultative Committee and Course Representatives system which, together, will enable the student voice to be considered in a more timely and effective manner.

We note that the overall satisfaction with Science and Engineering units remains quite high (at 81.5%) but that there are particular units in which that satisfaction was far lower. We will be looking at specific unit data to identify where and how we can adjust teaching and curriculum to improve the student learning experience.

Once again the response rate for Science and Engineering was below the University target and in fact, fell significantly. The greater the number of Science and Engineering students that respond to the eVALUate survey, the more data we get to inform decisions that improve our units and courses. It is clear that staff need to participate in spreading this message to all students to encourage greater responses in future semesters.

Over the coming semester, I will be working with your Heads of School and the Directors of Learning and Teaching to improve in those areas highlighted by you in the eVALUate responses and to consolidate and build on our recent areas of strong performance. We will continue to strive to provide high quality learning experiences across all our units. As always, your feedback through eVALUate and other mechanisms is invaluable in that process.


Associate Professor Chris Rawson
Dean Learning and Teaching
Faculty of Science and Engineering