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Curtin University

Faculty of Humanities

Response to student feedback from Semester 2 2018

Thank you for responding to eVALUate for Semester 2, 2018. Your feedback and comments are read very carefully and inform many of the changes we make each semester. It was great to see that your overall satisfaction rate increased slightly to 84% (up by 2%) which we take as a sign that our focus on keys areas such as assessment and unit Blackboard pages is making a difference to your learning experiences.

This year we are continuing to focus on improving assessment practices. Staff have been participating in a series of workshops and colloquiums focused on improving your assessment experience. We are focused on trying to make your assessment items as authentic as possible in order to prepare you for the profession or industry you might be heading into. We recognise that assessment is a stressful activity, so we have made sure that the majority of our units have no more than 3 assessment items. We have also been concentrating on phasing out examinations where possible and designing assessment items that can be undertaken across the semester.

Some of your feedback has been on teaching and resources. For most of 2018 and some part of 2019 we have been redeveloping a large number of our buildings. This has had an impact on the resources side of your learning and we recognise that we probably could have lessened this impact. We will try harder to ensure the building program does not impact on your learning. As for your feedback on teaching, we are very focused on ensuring you are taught by the best teaching staff, we pride ourselves on their industry experiences and skills. So please be assured we are focused on ensuring you have highly trained and experienced professional teaching you.

What is happening in 2019

You may or may not be aware that we meet 2-3 times per month to discuss learning and teaching. Each school has a Director of Learning and Teaching who sits on 3 different Faculty committees focused on learning and teaching, courses and assessment practices. We discuss the feedback from students, focus on improving our practices and keep the pressure on ourselves to continually improve. We hold 20+ workshops each year for staff to attend and we have a team of support staff who help teaching staff develop their teaching materials. So we are constantly in the cycle of improvement. This year we have 3 courses being comprehensively reviewed, so over the next 12-18 months we will be making changes to them based on these reviews.

If you every have any concerns, please get in touch. Be assured I listen and act, so your time and efforts are not wasted. We appreciate your feedback and need it in order to be the best we can possibly be.

Professor Jennifer Howell
Dean Learning and Teaching
Faculty of Humanities