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Curtin Business School (CBS)

Response to student feedback from Semester 2 2015

The Curtin Business School comprises six major Schools (as well as Faculty owned units) each of which is represented in this response to Semester 2 2015 student feedback. Many students take the opportunity to provide their teachers invaluable feedback that is instrumental in guiding teaching and learning at CBS and we thank them for their contribution.

CBS staff welcome this feedback with several Schools implementing innovative programs to encourage a greater number of students to contribute. Overall, there is a trend towards increased response rates in the eVALUate unit survey for CBS, and response rates is now 38.1% in Semester 2 2015. Response rates continue to vary across both Schools and courses with postgraduate students being more likely to provide feedback than undergraduate students.

Student satisfaction with the quality of their unit teaching and learning experiences in CBS has continued to be high and the 80% Agreement target was reached in all items in eVALUate. This is an outstanding achievement and acts to encourage staff to continue excellent teaching practices as well as to identify the need to focus on the provision of quality feedback.

CBS congratulates all Schools that have made and sustained marked improvements as a consequence of student feedback over the previous five semesters. Since 2014, the units owned by the Faculty have gained the highest percentage increase and large improvements have also been made in Curtin Law School, School of Accounting, School of Economics and Finance and School of Information Systems.

The Faculty of CBS would like to congratulate all the areas that have achieved above 80% overall satisfaction of students with their units in Semester 2, 2015:

Students have indicated that the most helpful aspects of their units are: the methods of learning and teaching; the quality, attitude, accessibility, responsiveness and teaching skills of staff; learning resources; and relevance of assessments and units to the real life and their discipline.

The areas in which students indicated that units could be improved were: the methods of learning and teaching; unit learning resources, structure and flexibility; assessment standards and expectations, feedback and relevance to the real world; and the teaching quality, attitude and skills of some staff. Providing timely and effective feedback to students reflects the CBS commitment to open communication and continuous course improvement.

A summary of the Faculty’s eVALUate results has been circulated to all Heads of School and discussions held to further improve CBS courses and to ensure that we offer the best possible programs for students. Attention is being focused on improving learning activities which focus on our course learning goals and their alignment to our mission. In CBS this is part of ‘Assurance of Learning’ which seeks to measure and then improve how well student learning outcomes are being achieved.

What is happening in 2016

Curtin has been implementing its vision for transforming learning (for more information, go to the blog of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic at As Curtin continues to transform the design and delivery of education, your feedback in eVALUate will be invaluable in providing us with information on how we can improve the quality of our courses and your learning experiences.

Professor Paul de Lange
Dean Teaching and Learning
Curtin Business School