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Curtin University

The Student Voice

What our students are telling us and what we are doing about it

Through eVALUate, you are telling us that overall:

  • units have clear learning outcomes;
  • learning experiences are helpful;
  • workloads are manageable;
  • teaching quality is high; and
  • assessments are relevant.

You are also telling us that you are increasingly satisfied with your teaching and learning experiences: especially by giving you feedback that is helping you learn, and by improving the quality of teaching at Curtin.

However, you are telling us that we can still do better by:

  • making assessments clearer and fairer;
  • giving you more and helpful feedback; and
  • improving the quality of learning resources.

Responses by the Deans Teaching and Learning

To find out how each Faculty is using your feedback to improve your experiences, go to Curtin Business School, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Health Sciences.

Unit Summary Reports are published and many unit coordinators have responded to student feedback - go here to access these reports.

The latest Curtin Annual Student Satisfaction (CASS) survey results are also available.