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Curtin University

Full Unit Report (FUR)

The eVALUate Full Unit Report (FUR) is available after Boards of Examiners have met. If there is only one student enrolled in a unit, no FUR is available: this is to ensure student anonymity. Instead, that student's feedback will contribute to the aggregated data at the course, school and faculty levels.

After logging in to the eVALUate website, each Unit Coordinator or Head of Owning Organisational Unit will see a list of units to which they have access. For each unit, the Unit Coordinator or Head is able to select a global report (one that aggregates the results for all campuses) or one that shows results by campus (that is, displays separate results for each campus) or by mode of study (internal, online or external). The quantitative and qualitative portions of the report can also be disaggregated.

All student feedback is included in the FUR: that is, the number and percentage of responses for all the quantitative items, as well as all the qualitative comments.

See an example of a Full Unit Report.